Thursday 24 December 2015

Seneschal Ruins was an absolute privilege to play

I don't understand much of the RoS bonus content, but I decided to listen to the ghost and find a lost artifact.

Seneschal Ruins was 10/10. The serene atmosphere and music sold it. Shifting between bright snowy outside and castle-like on the inside felt like a real outpost. As a barbarian, the buildup of King Kanai was perfect- I felt like I was finally getting a complete backstory of something.

Kanai's fate was the complete opposite of Leoric's. Kanai kept his sanity and honor while Leoric was corrupted. Kanai's tomb was surrounded with ghosts of his followers, while Leoric's left abandoned. He also, you know, stayed dead...

I don't know much of what people post here, but I wanted to share how much I loved this zone!