Sunday 20 December 2015

75+ PTR Builds (Post 12/14 Reset)

Title is a bit misleading, I'm referring to the 12/14 patch and the 12/18 reset after the hotfixes. This is just a very general snapshot, I won't be including max ranks or number of clears above 75 as this is bound to change frequently while the boards are fresh.
  • Wiz: DMO (Melee Orb, Melee Twister or Disintegrate Twister), Firebirds
  • WD: Jade, HT (Pets), LoN Dart, LoN Firebats
  • Monk: Innas (EP or Generator), LoN Tempest Rush
  • DH: Mara, UE, Shadow, Nats, LoN Strafe
  • Sader: Hammer, Rolands (Sweep), Invoker, LoN Bombardment (Thorns)
  • Barb: EQ, IK/Raekor

If I missed any leave a comment and I'll update the list! This is bound to change over time and PTR is usually not representative of what will clear the highest on Live, but I was impressed by the diversity nonetheless!