Thursday 28 January 2016

Gambling for Weapons in Diablo III

Gambling has returned to Diablo in Diablo III but you are required to have access to Reaper of Souls and Adventure Mode in order to access it. If you’re not yet familiar with how the gambling system works, it will benefit you to take some time to study up on it. If you moved into Adventure Mode after level 70, then you can take Blood Shards to the Gambler to get some decent starter end-game gear.

There are three different gambling categories to choose from – weapons, trinkets and armor. There are also subcategories after that. You can prioritize items at the gambler too. You can get set and legendary items also, but you will usually have to go through hundreds of shards, unless you just get really lucky.

This gambling in the game is a little different from the types of gambling you might be familiar with if you’re into that sort of thing. Maybe you’ve played some games at online casinos or something similar. This is all about dice-rolls, which is often how you see gambling done in video games like this.

So it’s not the same as traditional online gambling like live roulette from leo vegas but a lot of people find it fun.