Friday 29 January 2016

Would you like a paragon system revamp for next seasons? I just realised, it's 10 days into the season and there are people 500 paragons ahead of me.

I have a lot of free time lately so I decided to jump into Diablo pretty "seriously".

I made a barb (which turned out to be a great support in current meta) that I play mostly in 4-man comp and a crusader which is great for solo play.

I have slightly above 80 hours logged, approx half of which is played solo.

I'm currently close to 900 paragon points. There are people with 1400+ paragons arleady. And I've been playing more than 8h a day on average. Keep in mind, we're only 10 days into the season.

Let's look at last seasons statistics:

S1: Going ham with Diablo: 950 para. Dedicated player: 750 para. Difference: 200 paragon points.

S2: Going ham with Diablo: 1050 para. Dedicated player: 800 para. Difference: 250 paragon points.

S3: Going ham with Diablo: 1400 para. Dedicated player: 1000 para. Difference: 400 paragon points.

S4: Going ham with Diablo: 2500 para (with plenty of people close to 3000). Dedicated player: 1600 para. Difference: 900 paragon points.

In season 1 the difference between "going no-life in Diablo" and player who plays 3h+ per day on average during the whole season used to be about 1000 main stat, which is a big difference.

In previous season, it was 4500 main stat, which is just crazy, we're talking about 30-40% DPS increase.

Don't you think that this is getting out of hand?

TL;DR With the way paragons work, the quality of your gear is almost insignificant - the difference between top players is all about paragon main stat points. This is going to become even worse in upcoming seasons, the disparity of power between very dedicated players and people who grind 16h+ a day will reach even crazier levels (over 50% more/less DPS soon?).

Paragon system used to be fair, right now you have no chance, unless you want to grind 16h a day for the rest of the season.

If you could, how would you change the current paragon system? Do you think it's fine as it is?

PS. Let's start a discussion, don't flame other people for having a different opinion than you do.