Thursday 11 February 2016

Diablo III - The King of Sales

Blizzard have always been highly successful in regards to the sales generated by their games and Diablo III is no exception: it is in fact within the top 10 of a list of games with the best sales numbers. Following a highly- and long-anticipated launch, Diablo III racked up some 30 million sales, enough to place it in 10th spot on the above said list. The factors behind the success of the game are numerous and not at all easy to replicate. First of all, the undeniable strength of the Diablo brand, stemming from the first games of the series produced back in the 90s, was quite a driving force: for years, Diablo fans had been clamoring for a new Diablo so the actual launch was like a prayers-answered moment for these people, and Blizzard made sure they didn't disappoint.

Another piece of the Diablo III success-puzzle was the fact that the game was made available for every platform out there: having started off on the PC, Diablo III then became available for PlayStation 3 and 4 as well as for Xbox One and Xbox 360. The developer never stopped tweaking the maps and the overall game content either and there's already a very successful expansion pack under the belt of the title. A second expansion pack is sometimes mentioned by various sources but for some reason, the community doesn't seem particularly eager to digest a new batch of content at this stage. Some even fear that the features which have made Diablo III so popular may be tampered with through a new expansion pack, although it's safe to say that most fans would welcome added content regardless. One thing is certain: another one of Blizzard's massive success-stories, Diablo III won't ride off into the sunset any time soon...

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In addition to that, the initial Diablo III came out with a real-world auction-house, which allowed players to sell in-game items for real money. This feature - although later abandoned as impractical - generated quite a bit of hype, floating the possibility that some would actually be able to make a living playing the game and scouring its nooks and crannies for hidden treasures. Despite the initial hype, and then the disappointment, the elimination of the auction house didn't put a dent in player numbers and game purchases.