Thursday 11 February 2016

How can we recreate the day 1 Diablo Inferno experience?

Some friends and I have the weekend free and are thinking about trying to take a nostalgic trip down Tristramemory Lane.

What would be the best way to recreate the inferno experience in hardcore? That real fear of dying in campaign mode. Would it be to play on Torment 1 or 2 with no legendary gear allowed? Would it be to play on Torment 6, with no set pieces allowed?

I'm a little worried about it scaling weirdly whereby we would easily be surviving, but every pack of elites takes 20 minutes to kill.

Has anyone got any thoughts or recommendations on how we can have it nicely balanced and close to have old school inferno hardcore felt? 10 minute boss kills. 2 or 3 minute elite kills etc. And a real chance to die if you make a mistake.