Monday 8 February 2016

Theorycraft level over 9000 - Razor Strop.

Razor Strop

If we will use LoN , dmg will be multiplicative x13.

If we use good 1h Sword it will critical for 1.5B dmg .

Lets add buffs . We get 3B .

We can do 3x barb LoN Hota Glob + WD that will pick up globs . We can do around 20-30 globs per s. (60-90 B dps AOE + HoTa dmg)

As we know LoN build have a nc sustain . So we don't need supports . Clear dmg from hota and ... that belt. I Can not simulate 500+ globs per min in d3planner but even for 100 . That belt do 15% of total dmg and its for 1 source . We will use 4x Razor Strop so that dmg will be MUCH better + we will have MUCH more globs .

DPS on 150B+ (AoE) is enough to do 85+ .

Is here anyone that want to test it ? (Eu server)

Some Fact about Razor Strop :

Benefits from Fire skills deal X% more damage.
The effect is triggered when a Health Globe heals you, meaning Health Globes picked up by party members will trigger explosions as long as you're within range
The effect happens on your character and not at the location of the Health Globe.
No Internal Cooldown, happens on every Health Globe picked up.
Can Crit