Sunday 20 March 2016

Found my old screenshot folder. Evolution of diablo 3

Played diablo1 when I was like 10 on Ps1. Finally diablo 2 came out and it was really good but my computer wasn't good enough to run it.

Diablo 3 came out and I preordered it definitely. I have images all the way back to day 1 of d3

I feel as though I was one of the only ones who avoided error 37

First run of whimsy shire

Legendaries were almost as rare as real unicorns

Well, I was in whimsy shire but you know what I mean

lol Auction House

Only thing more evil than diablo himself.

Taking on Inferno

It didn't go well.

Just a cool easter egg

Somehow I killed my friend with impale

"Oh neat! leoric's mace!"

In retrospect, not that interesting.

Bots. Forever.

More bots.

Rude chat

Legendarys were wierd.

Game master? okay.

Godly gloves back then

I was #7000 DH in the world

Ugly as sin.


Barbarian master race

Godly amulet


I don't know.

Not sure either.

What a DH build looked like

Not sure...

Incredible amulet


Easter Egg names

Getting magic find gear

Multishot was pretty good

Whoa, an item that actually does something.

1 mill toughness? whoa!(paragon 100 too!)

w/o archon

Playing though reaper of souls for first time

Lost my para 80 HC crusader.

Cow level?

Cow level.

Whilwind Barbs return. Good for farming.