Monday 7 March 2016

Jade is powerful if you want . My way to reach top 100 as jade is almost finished . Rank 212 GR80

Hey guys , my last video reached almost 1k view . I done 80 GR with the jade so now I decided to record 77. The quality isn't the best as a last video , but I increased resolution to 720p . The rift that I show also isn't cool . if I got that rift on 80/81 I would quit . Anyway showing the perfect rift isn't helpful for ppl .

Here is gallery of my records ;

Here is a video ;

At the end sorry for my english again and hope for 80 video soon (if my low pc allow me to do it xd) . Atm pushing 81 and I'm very close . My last try ended with 15m;13s