Tuesday 8 March 2016

Wizard: Found a super easy Firebirds Set Dungeon Mastery Build

So after struggling with a few different builds I saw in videos, I decided to try the best stuff of each build. I'm 644 paragon with 3 ancient firebirds pieces. Here's what I did:

Took off both rings and amulet. I didn't reroll any item to optimize. Items I used:
  • Firebird gloves
  • Firebird source
  • Firebird feet
  • Firebird pants
  • Firebird shoulders
  • Firebird head
  • Aquila Cuirass
  • Hergbrash binding (need this for aquila)
  • Ranslor's folly
  • Non-ancient Twisted sword

  • Etched sigil (crucial)
  • Nilfur's Boast
  • Convention of Elements

You don't actually need the nilfur's anymore because you just have to hit a buncha mobs when you die, not kill them. It might have helped w/ my meteors though.

  • Teleport - Wormhole
  • Diamond Skin - Crystal Shell
  • Energy Twister - Gale force
  • Energy Armor - Prismatic armor
  • Disintegrate - Convergence
  • Meteor - Molten Impact

I liked molten impact better due to it doing a buncha damage and not spamming meteors while you are trying to get the 20 enemy burn.

Paragon stats (order of importance):
  • Move Speed, vita
  • Remove all offense stats
  • Armor, AR, Life, LR
  • AD, RCR, LoH

Now, here is the reason why this build works so well. You are able to use disintegrate to burn down the little guys for the burning goal. Then, when you need to kill non-elites, the tornado spam from etched sigil does a buncha damage. That's basically it. I tried this without etched sigil and I couldn't burn down non-elite packs fast enough. I finished with 1 min 15 seconds left using this method.