Wednesday 23 March 2016

Why isn't Imperius kicked out of the council yet?

The council has every right and reason to throw him off of heaven. I mean, all of the things he did only made things worse:

He accidentally--like the idiot he is--destroyed the stone that kept the unity of the angels together.

He tries to kill the heroic nephalem out of jealousy, which in turn almost made things worse.

He is a smug douche who is not only hated by us, but also by the other archangels themselves.

He let Diablo kick his ass in act IV, giving Diablo the confidence and pride he needed.

He ruins the arrival of the "GLORIOUS!" message by swooping in before you get it.

He tried to kill Tyrael, the heroic reason why the mortal realm is still A-Okay.

Lastly, he is delaying the arrival of the next Diablo 3 expansion T_T

Why is he not kicked out yet?