Sunday 3 April 2016

Contract Killers - like followers, but better

An idea for a new feature - *Contract Killers*

New followers you use for 2 hours at a time via a consumable "contract" that drops in game.

Contract Killers:
  • Can't be used in Greater Rifts
  • By default, they can't die
  • Instead of follower tokens, each has their own legendary follower weapon.

Here are some contract killers I’d like to see:

Gould Psync

Gould Psync costs 100% of the gold that you collect while he is fighting with you.

  • Radian: Increases your pickup radius by 20 yards, and picking up gold causes an explosion in a 20 yard radius for 250% of your most recent gold streak.
  • Fiduciary Bonds: When Gould Psync is equipped with any legendary item that interacts with gold, 100% of the effect also applies to you.
  • Rapacity: At all times, Gould Psync’s attacks do additional damage for 500% of your highest gold streak over the past 60 seconds.
  • Greed: For 15 seconds after a gold streak, 1000% of the gold streak amount is added to the damage of your attacks.
  • Perscrint: Gould Psync can only equip 2H weapons, but provides you with their stats and legendary bonus.

Follower Weapon:
  • Camelot: Collecting a health globe causes an explosion of gold, and you gain +10% damage for each stack of nephalem glory.


Jerry is so desperate for adventure that he actually pays you to let him tag along.

Jerry’s Abilities:
  • Sorry: Jerry sometimes gets lost, and returns chased by a large number of enemies.
  • Oops: Often, Jerry accidentally investigates cursed objects that he finds in the world, inadvertently unleashing teams of elite creatures and sometimes demon bosses.
  • It Won’t Happen Again: Accidentally spilling some of your gold on the ground, Jerry attracts treasure goblins who must be killed before they can escape with your treasure.
  • My Bad: Tricked into reading an ancient text, Jerry invokes ancient magic that duplicates every creature on your current map.
  • JERRY FIRE: When using his slingshot to attack, Jerry will sometimes accidentally summon a chaotic firelord who will attack everything on screen, including you and Jerry – dealing massive damage for 20 seconds or until you die.

Follower Weapon:
  • The Hungry Apple: Every two seconds Jerry absorbs an enemy into the Hungry Apple. Every two minutes the apple becomes full and releases all trapped enemies as elite enemies.


Paragon will aid you in combat in exchange for half of the experience you would have gained while he is fighting with you. He gains levels beyond 70 as he fights alongside you and is the only contract killer who starts at level 1 and gains levels.

Paragon’s Abilities:
  • Baseline: Paragon can equip a legendary gem and provide you with its bonus. However, when Paragon is re-hired he is unlikely to return with the gem…
  • At Level 10: “PDQ” – Paragon provides you with 30% movement speed.
  • At Level 35: “EXP” – Gaining xp reduces your cooldowns. Through some sort of complex, non-OP formula.
  • At Level 60: “LVL” – You gain mainstat equal to your total paragon level.
  • At Level 70: “DMG” – Paragon will cast a copy of your damaging attack 10% of the time, for 50% of your damage.
  • Beyond: After level 70, Paragon continues to gain levels. For each level he gains he increases both the chance that he will echo your attacks, and the percent of your damage the attack will perform. When Paragon reaches level 1000, he will cap at echoing 100% of your attacks for 100% of your damage.

Follower Weapon:
  • Staff of Infinity: Every minute, Paragon gains a different random effect from the traits you have extracted in Kanai’s cube. These traits also apply to you.

Frank the Trashman

Frank is a simple man with simple needs. Frank needs trash. Frank loves trash.

Frank’s Abilities:
  • Salvage Yella’s: Frank will pick up yellow items, salvage them, and drop half of them behind at the end of his contract.
  • Salvage Blues: Frank will pick up blue items, salvage them, and drop half of them behind at the end of his contract.
  • Salvage Junk: Frank will pick up white items, salvage them, and drop half of them behind at the end of his contract.
  • Trash Rage: When an enemy dies without dropping any trash, Frank goes into a Trash Rage for 10 seconds. While in a Trash Rage, Frank attacks for 10,000% weapon damage every second. These attacks stun enemies for 1 second. After a Trash Rage, Frank needs to rest for 20 seconds.

Follower Weapon:
The Golden Can: When Frank is equipped with the Golden Can, his trash rage has a 100% chance to knock loose at least one legendary item from an enemy.