Thursday 19 May 2016

Where is Diablo III Headed?

Diehard fans know/feel that things have been stale around Diablo III for a while now. Someone who's truly onto the pulse of the scene sees that the game seems to make fewer and fewer headlines lately and most of the articles pushed out about it concern various gear-combinations and/or an exploit here and there that will streamline farming techniques and hand the player a special reward every now and then.

The latest patch was great, but as everyone has pointed out, its effects were mostly cosmetic, although granted, it did deliver a few more than welcome tweaks too. Sure, Seasons are great, but some are already complaining about the lack of challenge and too-fast progression, which makes the riftings of past seasons look painfully slow and therefore several fold more challenging than the current setup.

The real problem is that the lore/storyline isn't really going anywhere, despite its potential, and that new, real content hasn't really come about since the launch of Reaper of Souls, which was 2 years ago. To all that, we need to add the fact that Blizzard seem more and more embroiled in other projects and that the Diablo III team has recently been substantially diminished. Indeed, some believe that the latter issue is an indication that instead of looking to add another expansion to Diablo III, Blizzard are flirting with the idea of Diablo IV, which will supposedly entail great things and revolutionary techniques. The problem with that train of thought is though that given how long Blizzard generally take do develop a game from scratch (which is essentially what happened with Starcraft 2, and which - by the looks of things - is what may be in store for Diablo IV too), that's hardly good news. Theoretically, this way, several generations of consoles and PC hardware may come and go before Diablo IV becomes reality.

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