Monday 13 June 2016

Deckard Cain Lives!

This can be found at the map Route66 in Overwatch:

(The date is the D3 release date)

If you scan the barcode you'll get this:

Heres another ingame screenshot. At the other one just the contrast was increased, to make it scanable.

If this is foreshadowing about Cain's survival all along, who could've done it? Allow me to theorize out of my ass and get lost in the prose.

Mephisto's weaponry consisted of magics and pure hatred. Diablo inspired fear. Azmodan, master tactician, used demonic armies of blood and iron. Belial? His main asset is knowledge. He is a master deceiver and liar. He is malicious cunning manifest. He fights with smoke and mirrors and not with lightning hoses or brute force.

Remember when we fight him in Act II? If we get his health low enough, he assumes his alleged "true form." That wasn't his true form, it was this all along. That huge demon was a fall guy -- Belial's exit stage right. It is said that the greatest lie the devil ever told was that he made people believe he did not exist. In this case, Belial made us all believe he was dead.

Unlike his more brutish and powerful siblings, Belial's power lies in acting behind the scenes. Remember the "voices" and holograms the heroes face in Act III and IV? Where Azmodan and Diablo embarrassingly taunt the heroes about what to do next? That was Belial. Why would master tacticians bent on destruction reveal their plans and progress?

Belial's goal was to become the Prime Evil. Cain's arcane and esoteric knowledge was paramount to this end. When Tyrael crashed into the cathedral, Belial, through his servant Maghda, was immediately there. They imprison Cain to milk all what they can about soulstones and what have you. The "Cain" we rescue with Leah? Just another conjuration. After all, how can a frail old man survive days in a cathedral being hunted by demons -- being at the epicenter of a meteor landing site? Why fake Cain's death though? Perhaps it is to prevent Leah from figuring out she had a fake uncle. Perhaps it is to anger the Nephalem and make them more susceptible to manipulation as regards Belial's grand plan. I don't know.

Belial had no strength of his own to kill and absorb his siblings' essences. He strung the heroes along, knowing that they would utilize the Black Soulstone. How convenient it is to have something to collect all the Evils' souls into one vessel ripe for the picking no?

(I know, I know, Malthael kinda screwed this plan up but meh, I'm just thinking really hard who could've been behind Cain's "death" and survival if he indeed is alive).

EDIT: After further thought, how can this tie in with RoS's ending? With the Nephalem feared and doubted, with the Nephalem not trusted due to their power, perhaps all they need is a sympathetic ear and a consoling voice to guide them to the "right" path?

EDIT 2: Lorath = Belial? He stuck around to help Tyrael. When the coast was clear, Belial had hoped to pluck the Black Soulstone in the chamber, but alas Malthael was there.

TL;DR: Cain lives. His whole "death" and the story progression were orchestrated by the Lord of Lies in conjunction with Maghda. Belial is a master deceiver and the most cunning in all of creation, he manipulated the heroes into gathering all the souls of the evils so as to become Prime.