Monday 1 August 2016

Without a new Diablo game Blizzcon 2016 will be lackluster.

So I was thinking of getting the Blizzcon Virtual Ticket and mentally going through Blizzard's games to guess what there might be news on. As I went through the list I came to the conclusion that without a new Diablo game there won't be much at Blizzcon worthwhile.

WoW: Legion comes out next month. Won't be much to talk about in November beyond maybe the next raid tier.

Hearthstone: New adventure likely to be announced Friday in China. It's likely that the adventure will have come out recently by November so not much to talk about here either.

HotS: Sure they'll talk about a couple new heroes but nothing big here either.

Starcraft: Legacy of the Void will have been out for only a year so it's a bit too early for any big announcements in the Starcraft universe.

Overwatch: The game will have only been out for about 6 months so outside of a new character or something there won't be much big here either.

So that just leaves us with Diablo unless they have something completely out of the ordinary like a new IP or something planned.