Tuesday 25 October 2016

Can we stop having conquests that are more chore than challenge?

For this season I'm talking specifically about
  • Reach GR 55 solo with six class sets
  • Master eight set dungeons

These are not "challenges", they're just patience tests. Are you willing to go out of your way to farm a second character and get to 6 or 8 complete builds? Once you've gotten a full build GR 55 is easy and so are most set dungeons. The only "hard" part is going through the motions of farming on two classes.

Also, set dungeons kinda suck. Please stop making us do them every season. Almost all of them require some janky skillset or playstyle that is totally different from how you would actually use the set in any other environment. And the whole concept of "look around the map for that one enemy you missed" sucks too.

Conquests like the other three are so much better
  • Kill 350+ monsters in a TX cursed chest
  • Reach GR75 solo
  • Kill all these bosses in 20 minutes

See how they're all challenges in some way? And they don't require a bunch of farming that does nothing for your character's progression. You probably already have a torment speedfarming build and a solo GR build. In short they're actually enjoyable.