Thursday 27 October 2016

What if NOTHING new happens at Blizzcon?

This is by far one of if not thee most anticipated Blizzcons for Diablo as it is the 20th aniversary. D3 has been a game that has just been having seasons with no real big updates for quite some time.

With all the job postings blizz has had and the many little things that have happened from theories about the D4 dice, to a hire up at blizzcon getting the can for saying something, ETC...

But even from all the things that have transpired just what if the con comes around and all they do for diablo is just celebrate it's aniversary with some stupid little looking back video's, going over the lore and how the games have led them up to this day 20 years later.

And then... nothing... they just end the show. Just what if that happens? No D4, no expansion, no D2HD remake, and no new Diablo IP (such as a new sort of diablo game)

Because lets be honest, I for one can definitely see that happening and then a huge sigh of disappointment from the few people at the con that were actually there to see something new for Diablo and then the internet plethora of fans going off saying that Diablo is officially dead.

Like right now I have a part of my that is super exicted, I mean come on it's the freakin 20th aniversary but then there is the other part of me that is really telling me not to get my hopes up if at all...

Can anyone else see this happening or is it me that has just been wondering about this?