Monday 31 October 2016

PSA: How to reach high-level GRs! GR85+

I see this question asked more often throughout the Diablo 3 community than any other: What do I need to do to reach high GRs, or what item sets can I use to do 80-90GRs.

The answer is there are no builds that will let you out-right do high GRs. If sets like that existed, you would know about them due to their widespread use, or they would be nerfed by Blizz to make room for the others sets. THERE IS NO MAGIC SET!

There is a surefire way to do higher GRs.
  1. Item optimization: You need a good set of gear with good rolls. This means all your LON gear needs to be ancient, or if you are running a regular set, you need all the most optimized items for that set. Simply missing a CDR breakpoint, other vital breakpoints, or necessary pieces of gear can sabotage the best-laid plans.
  2. Main stat, main stat, main stat: MAIN STAT IS WHAT EMPOWERS YOU TO DO HIGHER GREATER RIFTS! This is why Paragon is so important. When someone says this or that build is an 85+ build, ask what Paragon allows it to do that. LON Bomb is a GR80 build with ~900 Paragon and a GR100 build with ~3,500 Paragon.
  3. Augmenting Ancients: The easiest way to gain main stat is by augmenting ancient items. That means you need ancient items to augment (duh), so farm ancient items. Ancient items naturally roll higher, and you can't augment non-ancient items. Thirteen level 60 augments give you 3,900 main stat; that is a shit ton of power you are adding to your character.
  4. High-level legendary gems: Pushing your gems past your highest leveled character's threshold is possible by building a support character and doing high-level group GRs. Support characters are easy to build, need little optimization, and fun to play. Build a support Barb/Monk and lobby shop for high paragon players to play with. Then do some high-level group GRs and rank your three legendary gems this way. You might make some friends along the way; I did!

In closing, some builds are better than others, but these steps are universally true in regards to pushing any character's power level. Good luck!