Tuesday 15 November 2016

My Opinion on 20th Anniversary D1 in D3, big mistake.

I tried out the 20th anniversary remake of D1 in D3 on the PTR the other  night and it's garbage. Worse then awful. Did they really think what we wanted was for them to take D3 tilesets and make them look as bad as they looked in D1? No Blizzard, what we wanted was for you to take D1 tilesets and make them look as good as D3 looks. What a nightmare.

Let me be clear on this. These are NOT new levels, monsters or anything else new. These are the same levels, monsters etc that you have been killing in D3 for that last couple of years only made to LOOK as bad as things looked in D1. D1 looked fine in 1996, but in 2016 the graphics of D1 look like SHIT! You really thought we wanted you to take D3 and make it look like SHIT? Really? No, we didn't. We wanted you to take those levels and monsters from D1 and redo them and make them look GREAT!!! They didn't do that.

If you thought you were disappointed about the Necro pack, you haven't begun to be disappointed. This looks like it took about 2 developers about a month to throw together. This 20 year anniversary crap they put out should NOT be released to the actual game. The critics will eat Blizzard alive for this crap and they will be right. It's obvious they spent no time on this. It's a joke. I've never been so disappointed in something that Blizzard has put out ever.

Do yourself a favor and just skip it completely and forget Blizzard ever mentioned it. You'll thank me.

Edit: I want to add this has NOTHING whatsoever to do with the announcements made at Blizzcon concerning an expansion or D4 or any of that. I was NOT expecting D4 and I'm actually fairly pumped about the Necromancer pack so I'm not at all disappointed with the direction of D3 itself. This is STRICTLY concerning the Anniversary content.