Friday 11 November 2016

Blizzcon showed how low of a priority diablo is and how budget is getting cut in favor of the other blizz titles.

Just look at the cinematics. Sombra got a cinematic on par with whole releases or expansions. And it was just a new character being released. Same goes for the Varian and Ragnaros thing. Now compare it to the Necromancer cinematic. It looked so cheap and toony. It didn't fit the theme of the character and didn't fit in with the other diablo cinematics.

It was just bad.

The only thing they see now is that diablo isn't making any money currently and they assign their budget into their new cash cows.

And it sucks because Diablo 3 still is in the Top 10 of most sold games EVER. Like... ANY GAME. It's right there with Tetris and god damn Mario Bros., guys.

I don't even know what I'm trying to say, I'm just angry at Activion Blizzard that they have so little vision and so little hope for one of their biggest franchises just because it currently doesn't offer a steady stream of income.

Just make something good, god, we buy the shit out of your games. You can even put in some stupid microtransaction, and god damn weapon skin Loot Crates, I don't care, just do something and don't just kill the game because it went stale after four years of YOU not adding anything relevant to it.