Monday 7 November 2016

Thank you, Blizzard, for bringing me so much entertainment for an amazing price.

We spent $60 on base Diablo, $40 on ROS, and after 800 hours personally, I've spent roughly $0.12/Hr in Diablo. Thank you, Blizzard, for bringing me so much entertainment for an amazing price. That being said, we really need to talk about communication and consumer happiness.

In all honesty I can't complain with how much I've gotten out of Diablo 3 thus far, and it's greedy to ask for much more, but I don't think communication of all things is asking for lots. Diablo as a franchise has lasted a lot longer than 800 hours. It's lasted on happiness, nostalgia, and for the most part great gameplay.

The biggest issue however is communication as it always has been. We have NO idea what your plans are. Necromancer? Okay that's for late NEXT YEAR. Heroes Of The Storm, WoW, and Hearthstone all have consistent updates, not just small patches, that include tons of content. We do NOT. Necromancer would have been an amazing announcement if it was hitting PTR next week and coming out in December/January much like Varian/Ragnaros or Gadgetzan. Instead we have to wait nearly an entire year? Why?

So there's a small skeleton crew of Devs left. Again, why? Why didn't you keep Mosqueira to lead a D3 for a bit longer? Why aren't you supporting D3 until we get D4 or whatever your future plans are? Why do we not know what your future plans are?

All of these questions and more are starting to add up and are taking me away from Diablo. I can't trust this team the same way I can trust Jeff Kaplan in Overwatch. I just can't. By comparison he's an open book to his community meanwhile the Diablo community is trying to break into a fucking bank to try and salvage even the slightest hint of information about what the future holds for us. And honestly we're not finding much...

I'm glad I spent the time and money on D3, and I'll probably buy the Necromancer because he's my favourite class, but at this rate I might not spend anything on D4 if I don't know what exactly I'm getting into.