Wednesday 28 December 2016

You have access to a full Archive of Tal Rasha in real life - which three powers do you equip?

Some basic assumptions, since ordinary people are not Nephilim, most people are stuck at level 1 or 2, maybe the strongest human is a 3 or 4.

You don't have any resources (arcane power, mana, wrath, etc) and you don't actually have any of the hero skills.

Your Thorns damage is 0, and your "Weapon Damage" is just whatever you're using at the moment. 1000% weapon damage with a rubber band would hurt as much as getting snapped by 10 rubber bands at the same time.

My item choices: Weapon: The Raven's Wings / Wormwood

Having a permanent Raven familiar is pretty cool, and Wormwood would be handy for getting out of a bad spot since it only targets enemies (like if you get mugged or something) and triggers passively.

Armor choice: Boots of disregard / Zoey's Secret

Not sure how much HP people have, but it's way less than 40,000. Healing any wounds by standing still sounds pretty OP. If Zoey's Secret counts pets, you could just become a crazy cat lady and be untouchable.

Jewelry choice: The Star of Azkaranth

Healed instead of hurt by fire. Stepping into fire to heal up is pretty hilarious.