Thursday 12 January 2017

Gamebreaking Red Soul Shard bug

So i was leveling my alt using the gem of ease and the new red soul shard gem. While it's hilarious to wreak havoc with the rank 25+ cdr/resource cost removal part of the gem at high torments with a low level character it's also seems harmless.

So where is the problem? The 30 sec duration on the mini channeling pylon from the gem isn't refreshed when you level up instead it will ADD another 30 sec to the remaining duration. It will keep stacking up and you reach like 20-30+ min duration. Still would be harmless.

BUT. Entering a greater rift won't remove this buff. Hell even if you remove the gem from the socket you will keep the buff (removing your helm before unsocketing however removes it) and you can socket a normal gem to it's place.

So here is the problem in TLDR.: -Create a new character -Socket Red Soul Shard into a helm -Character gets boosted to level 70 -Gets a long ass channeling pylon buff -Equip character with previously acquired high end gear -Enter Grift -Get #1 spot on the leaderboard

I would recommend not screwing around with it. But i am pretty sure i am not the first one that discovered it. It will be easy to detect if a fresh character did a high grift.

I suspect at least one person after check a few profiles on the leaderboard for using this but name calling is not allowed and i might be wrong so i let Blizzard be the judge.