Monday 31 July 2017

No More Diablo 3 on XP and Vista

It’s very unlikely that there are people left in the world that still play Diablo 3 on XP or Vista computers, but just in case you are one of those people, your worst fears have come true. Diablo 3 will no longer be available on these Windows versions because Blizzard has decided to shut down all support for these platforms effective from October 2017.

If for any reason you are still running your computer on XP or Vista, you may want reconsider your gaming choices. Considering how little alternatives you have, maybe you should start playing lotto or something. The powerball lottery is extremely profitable and considering you don’t need much of a computer to play powerball online, it’s something to think about. The last jackpot was $447 million!

Anyway, even StarCraft 2, WOW, Heroes of the Storm and Hearthstone players will be unable to play on their XP or Vista machines because Blizzard will be shutting down all support for these games too. It’s no old news because there were hints of this somewhere back in February, but considering not many players are affected, it never caught wind properly in the media. Now, it’s official.

XP and Vista have been abandoned even by Microsoft not long ago. In 2009 Microsoft officially stopped releasing updates and providing support for XP, while 3 years later in 2012 it did the same for Vista, one of the most disappointing Windows OS versions. However, despite that back then Blizzard’s policy was to continue providing support because it saw a number of players still using these OS versions to play their games. But, as they say, only diamonds are forever.

Almost a decade has passed since then, and the numbers of XP and Vista Diablo 3 players have declined to a number which Blizzard thinks no longer sustainable to continue spending resources on support. There is no point anymore in doing that. Since then three major Windows releases have been made and many players have upgraded to at least one of those three, said Blizzard in a short official statement.

Windows XP was one of the more successful Windows OS versions that survived almost a decade getting support from Microsoft, and almost two decades after it was released it’s still used by a handful of players. Vista on the other hand was a pure disaster, but gave us it much more successful successor Windows 7. A similar thing happened with Windows 8, which was largely unsuccessful, but gave way for its improved version, Windows 10.

If you are using XP or Vista because you have a potato computer, our hearts are with you. It’s time to upgrade and see how it’s like to have modern technology. If you are using XP or Vista just out of nostalgia and for fun, our hearts are with you too. Time to change to something different and let Diablo 3 rest in peace for these two very outdated OS versions.