Wednesday 19 July 2017

This Double XP weekend has made me realize something..

I'd take a Double Goblin / Double Bounty weekend 100% of the time over XP. The simple fact that the bonus isn't applied to the closing of GR's makes this buff nearly half effective, on top of the fact that the ones who will benefit the most from this weekend are the people who are botting and exploiting freely anyways.

Farming Paragon levels for Non-Season, which a large portion of the playerbase chooses to avoid, is seemingly pointless. Whereas extra goblins would allow those of us who haven't found the Rainbow wings yet more of a chance at those, or those of us wanting to reroll for that perfect legendary could dedicate our time to stockpiling bounty mats.

Blizzard, I appreciate the initiative but I personally feel like you missed a large opportunity here at a time when the communities trust is already shaky.