Thursday 12 October 2017

Level Requirement Reduced by X as a secondary stat should not be in the game (anymore)

  1. It is the only secondary stat that has 0 effect on a Level 70 character.
  2. There is a cube recipe dedicated to Reducing Levels of Items.
  3. It only goes down to Level 30 (-40 Level Requirement) but it doesn't matter because you can use the cube recipe anyways.
  4. On weapons, you will almost always have a Gem of Ease if you want to level a secondary character (which reduces Level Requirement to 1).
  5. It serves no other purpose than making loot worse. This is not a bad thing by itself, there needs to be bad items to make better items feel more rewarding. However, considering it's the only secondary stat that is 100% useless (while others still have at least some kind of effect) it should be replaced by another stat or removed completely.

What are your thoughts?