Friday 2 February 2018

[HUGE EXPLOIT: Gear swap in Greater Rifts]

A little bird told me about this exploit to gear swap in greater rifts as of in patch 2.6.1:

Step 1: Make sure you got auto-equip items on.

Step 2: drop the items you will only use for rift guardian on the ground

Step 3: put on your suport gear

Step 4: open rift

Step 5: go in rift

Step 6: when you spawn rg go back in town

step 7: salvage your suport gear

Step 8: loot your "real item" on the ground

Step 9: now you changed your item while rift is open u can do this with 13 slots even if you want

Step 10: Go back in rift and kill guardian for your team gg

This needs to be fixed asap. Either remove the option to auto-equip items (nobody uses this option anyway), and or disable to salvage gear while a greater rift is open, and or disable picking up items in town while a greater rift is open.

This exploit provides an unfair advantage in that the Boss Killer can act as a 3rd support during the rift, in providing buffs through Oculus ring / Toxin gem etc.

Together with the exploit by using macros to quickly swap paragons in Vitality and main stat (which we still haven't heard anything about being fixed next season/patch, to lock paragons, same as gear), the endgame high end pushing revolves around using so many unintended exploits to gain unfair advantages.