Friday 9 February 2018

Play Chinese Version of Diablo3 from US

I spend a week playing D3 on China server, here's a short report

installationrename battle net client folder.

Download Chinese version of battle net client.

Enter store and pay the game with Alipay, the payment part took me some time to complete, but this is not focus of this post.

Install to different folder, this binary is different from non-Chinese version.


HC seasonal DH.

no clan, no community, strictly solo.

I did played challenge as soon as eligible in order to gain resources.

First impression

As HC player, naturally I worried about quality of the connection, to my surprise the speed is good, ping bar is consistently green, but it does get yellow from time to time, average once per hour at most. throughout last couple of days of playing, I was disconnected once.

Exp buff

Since I'm new to China server, earning platinum coins is pretty easy at beginning, so I decided to buy 7 days 25% exp bonus, I reached P575 after 50 hours. However, according to Chinese BBS post, this 25% does not apply to greater rift, it works for killing mobs, I didnt test myself.


I need backup gears and backup toon as most HC play does, so the initial 5 tabs ran out around p400, I spent 2nd 2K coin on a tab, see the short video of Chinese store

You can earn coin pretty fast as brand new player, there are plenty rewards come with platinum coins, 7500 to according to BBS post, in addition, you can earn for daily play, first boss kill, first gob kill, first bounty earn you 25 coins, each boss kill gives you couple of coins, sometime 3 sometime 10. I uploaded 2 videos for demo,

I encountered coin goblin in very early game, it drop platinum coin, but amount was small because low level difficulty and low level game, havent see another one ever since.
other impression

Item drop doesnt feel any different, couple of ancient, one useless primal ancient. what bothers me is that havent see a single gift yet.

There are more players online in communities compares to US server, but dont know the experience there.

Top builds are the same.

Paragon level is close or just over 3K amount top ranks.