Wednesday 1 August 2018

Some goddamn Bounties manners

Today I've had a most vexing experience trying to run public Bounties games. I would assume most of you reading this board are probably okay, but some people unfortunately need to have the following told to them.I'm there to collect crafting materials. So should you be. We can help each other by running different bounties simultaneously, thus reducing the total time it takes for either of us to get a Horadric Cache.
  • You need to contribute by completing bounties on your own. If you are not contributing, I'm going to kick you from the game.
  • It's okay if you're slower (running slower and/or killing slower) than me. It's not okay if you're so weak that you can't kill anything on your own. Play in a lower difficulty setting.
  • We are the most efficient if each of us do a separate bounty. Most of the job is running around and trying to find the right spot. It is not efficient if two people are running around next to each other, because one person could do that on his own.
  • I am not your baby sitter. I am not going to clear the enemies while you stand behind me and pick up gold that drops.
  • When a screen pops up asking if you want to join the Boss fight, press Cancel immediately. So I don't have to stand there waiting like an idiot for you to make up your mind. I can kill the boss on my own, I don't need your help with that. And if you teleport to the boss, you lose some of the progress you had done on your own bounty. So just press Cancel.
  • This is a Bounties game. You do not open a Rift. There are separate games for that. I am not going to let you gain Horadric Caches for free while you're doing something completely different or being AFK in town.

God fucking damnit.