Sunday 24 June 2018

PSA: Don't auto roll 10% damage onto weapons.

I've seen so many great weapons lately where someone rolled 10% damage on a weapon rather than rerolling the weapon damage that is 200+ below max.

 Use some simple math and find out what's better rather than auto rerolling that damage %. An example would be a death wish I just saw that had a rerolled damage 10% (who knows what great stat they changed) but the damage was in the low 1700's. 

That would give you 170 extra damage but if you kept that stat and rerolled the weapon damage you could go to 1940 which would be 240 more damage. 

It doesn't sound like a lot but that is a very noticeable amount especially considering what they gave up for the wasted roll.

It really makes me sad and if you do it you should be sad too.