Wednesday 29 May 2019

Season 17 has been fun. D3 has come a long way.

I fall in and out of love with D3. This season I pick up the necro and played through the campaign at my own pace on expert. I played from launch, a big fan of D2, and only played enough to make my money back on the real money AH, me and a friend had both rolled melee classes and so when we hit infernal Act 2 it was a complete nightmare and I think we dropped in for loot 2.0 before RoS dropped and a sustained period after that. I have played several seasons but not all of them as I went off to try other ARPGs and looter shooters on offer.

It all got me thinking that although I'm not a big fan of the main story, the attention to detail and lore voice over really set Diablo apart from a lot of looters.

It's a design decision that brings the world to life if you hit play or you can ignore if you want too and you dont have to delve into some disconnected online Grimoire to find out more. Little tid bits that enliven the experience. (Imagine if Destiny had voice overs for even half the grimoire cards, the story and world would not feel half as drab.)

The aesthetic is great and pace is furious. It's not the same as the other Diablo games but its definitely a lot of fun in it's own way. I can only hope any future Diablo games keep the recorded lore that isn't overly invasive.

Anyway, thought I'd share something enjoyable for me this season. The meagre amount of drip fed content is enriched by a break and not rushing the campaign. I know there is a lot of frustration around the Diablo franchise but I'd like to believe it's down to a passionate fanbase who wants it to live up to it's potential.