Wednesday 7 August 2019

Good for a Laugh: The Best Bingo Jokes

Bingo has been played for generations. In the last few years bingo has enjoyed resurgence in popularity as millennials have rediscovered the fun that the game can bring to them as individuals as well as in a group setting. The accessibility of bingo online also has helped with its popularity, as well. With a rise in popularity, some old bingo jokes are making their way back and new ones are being created.
 If you love bingo, why not learn some bingo jokes that will make you and others laugh and shake your head?

Joke Number 1

Q: How do you know that someone who plays bingo isn’t interested in you?

- A: You call their number five times and they still don’t answer!

Joke Number 2

Q: Why don’t physicists and bingo players enjoy one another’s company?

- A: They can’t agree on the application and existence of free space!

Joke Number 3

Q: What’s the problem with trying to contact a bingo player?

- A: You must send them a letter with your number B4 they’ll respond!

Joke Number 4

Q: How do you get an old lady to swear?

- A: You have another old lady next to her yell BINGO!

Joke Number 5

I found a tumor last week, so I went to the doctor to check it out and had it biopsied. Just got a call from the doctor and I got good news, it’s B9!

Joke Number 6

A woman was sitting in the bingo hall playing bingo and telling her friends that her long-time marriage had come to an end and divorce was imminent. Concerned, her friends asked what happened and she replied, “He said I needed to choose between him and bingo…” No sooner had the words left her mouth than all her friends assured her she didn’t need to say anything more.

Joke Number 7

Q: What does a bingo player say in their prayers?

- A: As I lay me own to slumber, all I need is one more member. When to the next game I go, I pray the Lord I yell BINGO!

Joke Number 8

A husband and wife were talking with friends and the husband made a comment that his wife likes bingo more than she likes him. The friends inquired how often the wife plays bingo and she looks around innocently, throws up her hands and says, “I don’t play all the time, I only play bingo on days that end in Y!”

Joke Number 9

Bob and Rob were playing bingo, it was Bob’s first time playing. Bob kept looking over at Robs card and saying, “You have that number, mark it off”. Rob finally got annoyed, wanting to play his own card and asked Bob why he wasn’t playing his own card. Bob said, “Because mine is already full?”

Joke Number 10

Because you can’t have a list of jokes without at least one blonde joke:

An all blonde bingo hall was hosting ladies night. The game started and seemed to drag on and on, with not one person calling bingo to claim the massive $5,000 jackpot. The bingo caller reached into the machine and realized he was holding the last ball. He called out with excitement, assuming there would be a winner, “B-47”. He saw women look down at their card and mark off the number, but the bingo hall was quiet.

Frustrated and a little bit confused he said, “Ladies that was the last number. What could you possibly have not marked off?” He was met with blank stares and finally several said, “Free space, we haven’t heard you say free space!” and suddenly the whole room nodded and murmured in agreement.

Stunned, the bingo caller looked around in disbelief and dropped the mic and walked off stage.

Bingo Jokes for the Win

Bingo jokes may not be the funniest jokes that you will ever hear or tell, but when you tell them among bingo enthusiasts you will be sure to at least get a couple snickers and knee slaps, because who understands these jokes better than people who love bingo and have seen and experienced some great things along the way?