Thursday 12 September 2019

The top 100 solo players for each class on Switch are using hacked items

Which is really disappointing. I understand that things like "Player X has played 20 hours for every 24 since the season started" can seem like obvious bots to us, but it is at least semi FEASIBLE that someone pulled that off.

Instead on Switch, inspecting the gear of anyone in the top 100 places on the leaderboards shows them as OBVIOUSLY cheating. There are no yellow rings with 3 gem slots that do +1,000,000,000% physical damage. Same goes for a Jawbreaker fist weapon with 561,775 damage and 3 gem slots. 

How is Blizz not autobanning these people as soon as they reconnect to the server?

Makes me sad, especially because of how amazing this game feels on Switch.

I've been playing this on Xbox One since they brought seasons to consoles. But at least it wasn't so blatant. Or rather, it got better overtime. If people were hacking (probably) they were at least swapping into non hacked gear before logging out so it wasn't clear to anyone who has played more than half a season they had hacked it.

It is just SO BLATANTLY OBVIOUS that it is clear Blizzard isn't even looking for people who are cheating.

What makes me so furious about it is how you have to bend over backward to play offline on the switch. You can't even start a seasonal character offline, you have to log in with a Nintendo Online account to auth with the server first, then you can disconnect. You'd think for how much trouble i had to go through to just play locally with my wife (who has no nintendo online account) they'd at least be enforcing SOMETHING