Tuesday 17 September 2019

Wizard Set Idea - Mirror Mage

I made this post in the Wizard segment of the official forums, but wanted to submit here as well as I'm excited at the prospect of new sets coming in the future and figured there would probably be more visibility here, so here we go:

I’m fully aware that the primary iterations of the sets coming in a future season are set and underway, but I’d like to throw an idea in the ring anyway, in hopes that one of my favorite skills could be utilized in a versatile and flexible way. My idea is for the Mirror Mage.

Keep in mind, this is a concept idea, not a comprehensive iteration with any particular multipliers in mind for the set itself.

Mirror Mage:
2 set) Mirror Image gains the effect of the all runes.

4 set) For each active Mirror Image, gain X% Damage Reduction. Damage received by the Wizard is shared to their clones (But not from their clones).

6 set) Your Mirror Images assume the form of each of the 4 elements at the Wizard’s disposal (Fire, Cold, Lightning, Arcane), firing an elemental copy of the ability used by the wizard (If the element is not available for this spell, it will use a random rune instead). The damage of the Mirror Mimics rune is increased to x% of the damage of your own spells. Black Hole, Blizzard, Energy Twister, Hydra, Wave of Force, Magic Missile, Shock Pulse, and Spectral Blade, can be cast by your Mirror Images.

The goal here was to realize the fantasy of a wizard as a master of illusion combined with the force of their elements. While Tal Rasha forces you to cast a skill of each element to maintain the buff, I rather like this iteration instead. Tal Rasha basically asks you to cast 2-3 of your skills as a courtesy to maintain the buff, while all of your damage is funneled into one skill rune (usually from meteor). This allows an element of randomness, by selecting a random rune from the available elements, or a random rune of the skill when the element isn’t available.

Arcane Orb and Meteor were intentionally left off of the list, as they already have sets that clearly encourage the use of those abilities, and thus have established identities. I’m very open to feedback and discussion, and would like to know if there are other set ideas you have as well!