Thursday 18 June 2020

Some Magical Tips That Will Help Improve Your Odds of Winning at a Casino

When you are playing Diablo, you will come across three main different character classes: The Rogue, the Warrior, and the Sorcerer. Each one comes with their own strengths and weaknesses. The sorcerers are the weakest of the three physically, but they can learn dangerous spells that can give them the edge over their rivals. Below we are going to show you our own magic as we are going to show you how you can improve your odds of winning while playing at a casino.

If You Are a Roulette Fan, Do Not Play American Roulette

The advantage that a casino has over a player is known as the house edge. If you find out that a game has a 3% house edge, then it means that you can expect to lose $3 for every $100 that you place. Of course, this is theoretically speaking as it is measured over hundreds of hands, but it is still a good way to compare casino games.

When you are playing American roulette, you will see 38 numbers on the wheel - 18 are black, 18 are red, and then there is a 0 and 00 which are green. It is the two green numbers that gives the casino the edge. If you bet on black or red, then you will receive an even payout if you are correct, but the odds are not even as you have 18 ways to win and 20 ways to lose. This difference adds up over time and means that American roulette has a house edge of 5.26%.

However, if you are playing European roulette, you will see that the wheel has just 37 numbers - 18 are black, 18 are red, and there is 1 green 0. The lack of the double 0 reduces the house edge to 2.70%.

So, if you are betting $10 per spin and you place 40 bets in an hour, it means you have wagered $400 in that time. In American roulette you will be expected to lose $21.04, while in European roulette you will be expected to lose just $10.80.

Master the Basic Strategy in Blackjack

When it comes to popularity blackjack is one of the most popular games that you will find at a casino, but if you do not take the time to learn the basic strategy, the house edge will stand around 4%. If you do master the basic strategy, then you can decrease the house edge to 0.5-1% depending on the variation that you are playing.

What is the basic strategy? Well, it really is just a fancy way to say that each possible outcome in blackjack has one best play. For instance, you should always split 8s or Aces. So, what exactly is the difference between someone who uses the basic strategy and someone who does not?

Well, let us say that you play 30 hands in an hour at $20 per hand, meaning you spend $600 in that hour. If you do not pay attention to the basic strategy, you will lose $24 in that hour. However, if you make use of the basic strategy, your losses in that hour will only amount to $6.

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Play the More Complicated Games

When it comes to table games at casinos, the easier the game, the higher the house edge will be. This is a truism about gambling that everyone needs to know.

Therefore, games such as Casino War, which need no strategies and are so simple to play, should really be avoided unless you are just looking for a bit of light-hearted fun. Whereas games such as blackjack, where strategy (as we showed above) is extremely important, will always offer you better odds. The house edge for a game like Casino War stands at 2.33%, while the house edge for blackjack is between 0.5-1% is you use the correct strategy. Thus, when you are playing Casino War you can expect to lose five times more than you would when playing blackjack.

But what about slot games? Well, the opposite is true here. The more complex a slot game is, the higher the casino will make the house edge in order to pay for those added bonus features. When it comes to slot games, your best bet is to play one with 3 reels and a flat amount for the jackpot.

Do Not Forget to Take a Break

This will not technically increase your odds of winning, but it will decrease your losses, which is just as good. You should consider the house edge to be tax on the cash that you are gambling. Every single time you bet; you pay the tax. This is not what happens in the short run, but it certainly does in the long run.

Let us take a look at two slot players to explain further. One plays 600 spins in an hour at $5 per spin, putting $3,000 into the machine. If the house edge stands at 7%, they will lose around $210. The other player is playing 400 spins in an hour at $5 per spin. They are taking their time and taking breaks, so they only spend $2000 in an hour. With a 7% house edge, they will lose around $140.