Thursday 18 June 2020

If You Love Your Devil-Themed Slots You Really Need to Give These Two a Try

Those who love their slot games and Diablo will be quite disappointed to hear that there are no Diablo-themed slots at the moment. However, despite this, there are quite a few devil-themed slots that we highly recommend you try out if you love slots. Below we are going to take a look at two that you should take a look at. 

Devil Slot by Gamescale

The name of this slot is not the most creative name that you will come across, but it does a good job at summarizing the dark and gothic imagery that you will be able to interact with. This is a slot game for those who enjoy all things bad and love the macabre. The 5 reels are set in the pits of hell and you will be forgiven if you feel some of the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. If you have the sound on while you are playing you will notice the sinister music in background, which is punctuated by the Devil’s manic laughter every now and then.

We all know the Devil is a cruel being and he lives up to his name in this slot as he does not believe that you are worthy enough to receive any special bonus features. However, you can still win some pretty decent cash prizes with the regular symbols on offer. All the symbols that you will find on the reels are oozing with evil intentions. You will find a skull with red eyes, a dangerous serpent, the Devil's pitchfork, the number 666, and the Devil himself. The Devil is the highest paying symbol in the game and if you land five along a payline you will receive 2000x your wager. The pitchfork is the lowest paying symbol in the game, but you can still receive 40x your wager if you get five on a payline.

There are 25 paylines that cannot be altered, and the minimum coin value stands at 0.10 while the maximum stands at 5.00. This means that the minimum wager per spin is $2.50, while the maximum wager per spin is $125. If you are happy with the amount you are wagering and want to play a certain number of spins using that cash value, then simply click on the auto-spin button, sit back, and hope that your luck is in.

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Devil's Number by Red Tiger Gaming

If you are a nervous disposition, then this might not be the slot game for you. However, you will be happy to hear you will not need to sell your soul if you want to play this game as it has a betting range that will suit any type of budget. For instance, the lowest wager that you can place per spin is $0.20, while the maximum wager stands at $200.00. This is a high volatility slot which means that you will not come across many small wins, but when you do win the wait will have been worth it. The RTP of this slot game stands at 96.06%, which is a reasonable RTP if you ask us.

What are the regular symbols that you will come across when you are playing this slot? Well, you will come across a couple of scrolls (maybe they are soul contracts), a spell book, a sinister looking cauldron, and three potion vials with skulls on the top. There are also the playing card symbols 10-A. The symbol with the three potion vials is the highest paying regular symbol in the game - if you land 5 along an active payline, you will win 360 coins. However, when you win, the Mark of the Beast (666) might show up and increase your winnings, so instead of 360 coins you will receive 666 coins.

When it comes to bonus features, if you land three scatter symbols anywhere on the reels (golden number 9s), they will turn upside down to form 666 and give you 12 free spins. Whenever you get a win during the free spins with a playing card symbol, that symbol is removed from the game for what is left of the free spins round. This means that if you are lucky enough you could rid the reels of playing card symbols, which can lead to higher wins. There is obviously no guarantee that this will happen, but we played the game for a bit and did manage to clear all the playing card symbols off the screen. However, this was probably just potluck. You can retrigger this bonus feature if you manage to land three or more scatter symbols again during the free spins bonus round.