Wednesday 30 November 2022

How you can become a great leader

 Do you want to become a great leader? Or are you finding yourself in a leadership position but struggle with being a good leader? Then we have good news for you. We have created this article to help you become a great leader. In the article you will find a good amount of tips that you can use to improve your leadership and the success of your team.

We have selected the most important topics after interviewing the CEO of the sucessful Estonian company Lucas Scarssi Pedron, and his work at the link building agency  Nuuk Media and what factors they consider as the most important for you to develop your leadership skills no matter what industry you work in. Leadership skills are important no matter what your goal is. So here’s a list of good tips for you.

                          image: Schanikova Photography

Good tips for the upcoming leader:

1.   Engage in honest and open communication

In order to be an effective leader you have to be willing to constantly engage in open and honest communication. It is important that all your members feel like they can always talk to you.

2.   Talk to and connect with your members

Always think about talking to your team members and connect with them so that you are creating trust and a relationship.

3.   Encourage growth for the employees both professionally and personally

Do you have an employee that wants to have their own business? Or an employee that has personal issues? No matter what, you should always encourage growth for employees.

4.   Always try to stay positive

If a department starts acting demotivated and negative, it's important that you always stay positive and happy. How you act will affect your employees.

5.   Always try to teach instead of giving orders

Instead of only giving orders, you should be open minded and care more about teaching your employees valuable things.

6.   Be clear about your expectations and goals

When you hire a new employee, you should always be very clear about what your goals and expectations are.

7.   Always give as much direct feedback as you can

It can be difficult to remember, but you should always try to give as much feedback as you can. This allows your employees to learn as much as possible and, thus, improve their output.

8.   Ask your team members for feedback on your leadership

You might have a feeling that you are doing a good job as a leader but it is important that you continually ask your team members for feedback on your leadership.

9.   Always stay open to ideas from your team members

Team members are key. They are working with the product every single day and therefore know a lot about it. So when a team member tells you about some of their ideas, you should always be open to listen.

10.   Understand what motivates you in your day-to-day life

Last but least it is important to figure out exactly what motivates you in your day-to-day life. Finding that inner spark that fills you up with motivation can be a life-changer and that will have a positive effect on your leadership skills.