Wednesday 30 August 2023

Diablo 4's Launch Boosts Diablo Immortal's Popularity, Says Blizzard


When Blizzard Entertainment released Diablo 4, there were concerns that the new installment would overshadow their previous entry, Diablo Immortal. However, the opposite has happened. According to Rod Fergusson, Blizzard's franchise general manager, Diablo 4 has only made Diablo Immortal more popular. This surprising turn of events offers valuable insights into the gaming community's behavior and preferences.

Initial Concerns

Before the launch of Diablo 4, Blizzard was apprehensive that the new game would cannibalize the popularity of Diablo Immortal, a free-to-play MMO game that had been launched a year earlier. Despite its initial controversies, particularly around its microtransactions, Diablo Immortal had enjoyed great success on mobile platforms. The fear was that players were merely biding their time with Immortal until Diablo 4 was released.

A Pleasant Surprise

Contrary to Blizzard's concerns, Diablo 4's release actually boosted Diablo Immortal's player base. Fergusson revealed that with each beta release of Diablo 4, more people started playing Immortal. Even after Diablo 4's official launch, Immortal continued to thrive. According to Fergusson, the two games co-exist well because they offer different experiences: Diablo 4 is more suited for dedicated gaming sessions at home or at a desk, while Diablo Immortal provides a more casual experience that can be enjoyed on the go.

Clarity of Separation

Blizzard aimed for a "clarity of separation" between the two games, and it appears they have succeeded. Diablo 4 and Diablo Immortal cater to different gaming needs and preferences, with the former being a AAA console/PC title and the latter being a free-to-play mobile game. Fergusson emphasized that Diablo 4 offers a different type of Diablo experience, with no pay-to-win elements and an all-cosmetic battle pass.

Lessons Learned

Fergusson also mentioned that the first season of Diablo 4 has been an "educational" experience for the team, although he did not elaborate on the specific challenges they faced. It's clear that both games have their own unique appeal and can co-exist without cannibalizing each other's player base.


The success of Diablo Immortal in the wake of Diablo 4's release is a testament to the strength and diversity of the Diablo franchise. It also highlights the importance of understanding player behavior and preferences. As it turns out, there's room in the gaming world for both a hardcore, AAA title and a more casual, mobile experienc