Monday 7 August 2023

Diablo Immortal's Wild Brawl: A Deep Dive into the Latest Update

Blizzard's latest content update for Diablo Immortal has set the gaming community abuzz. The highlight? The introduction of the Wild Brawl PvP event. From August 8 to August 23, players will team up in groups of six, starting at level 1, and battle it out in a sprawling map. The goal? To be the last team standing. But it's not just about player vs. player. The game mode also involves equipping discovered gear, leveling up, and battling monsters. The catch? The arena is slowly consumed by a lethal darkness, pushing players closer together and ensuring a climactic battle, if not satisfied? You can always play Top solitaire.

The Mechanics of the Brawl

Players will face up to four enemy teams in a winner-takes-all match. As the battle intensifies, the encroaching darkness of the Dark Wood forces players into a shrinking battlefield. If your entire team falls, your quest for glory ends. But for the victors? Eternal bragging rights in the world of Sanctuary.

To kick off the brawl, players can find Roater, the Wild Brawl Emissary, in Westmarch. He'll lay down the rules and, for those itching for battle, provide direct access to the event.

Legendary Gem Drop Tables: A Game-Changer

From August 9 to August 23, players can now modify their drop tables for the Legendary Gem Drop Pool. This means players can choose 12 Five-Star Legendary Gems, ensuring that any Five-Star Gem they receive will be from their selected list. But be careful! If you enter an Elder Rift without selecting your gems, it will still count towards your limit of 300 rifts with the modified tables.

PC Version: Out of Open Beta

In celebration of Diablo Immortal leaving its Open Beta phase on PC, Blizzard is releasing the Surrogate’s Mind bundle. Available exclusively on the PC version from August 9 to August 23, this bundle includes 300 Eternal Orbs, 2 Legendary Crests, 3 Rare Crests, and 10 Aspirant’s Keys.

Returning Events and Feature Updates

Blizzard is also bringing back some fan-favorite events:

  • All Clans on Deck: From August 19 to August 27, players will rally their clans to fend off the forces of the Burning Hells.
  • Shields of the Hearth: From August 12 to August 20, players will face off against hordes of Khazra in a snowy battlefield, earning rewards for their heroics.

On the feature front, Blizzard has introduced several updates, including:

  • Helliquary Bosses Kill Assist: Players who've already defeated the active Helliquary boss can now earn additional rewards for helping others do the same.
  • Class Change Cooldown: Reduced from 7 days to 24 hours.
  • Notification Center Improvements: Better categorization and more intuitive icons.
  • Deeds of Valor Updates: Two additional badge ranks have been added.
  • Character Stat Screen Updates: Better clarity for PvP stats.
  • Immortals Rewards Increase: Enhanced rewards for those who achieve the rank of Immortal.
  • Cosmetics Menu Updates: View cosmetics unavailable to your current class.
  • Starfire Shard & Ironbane Legendary Gem Updates: Description and functionality tweaks.


Blizzard continues to show its commitment to enhancing the Diablo Immortal experience. With the introduction of the Wild Brawl event, modifications to the Legendary Gem Drop Pool, and a slew of other updates, players have a lot to look forward to. So, gear up, dive into the world of Sanctuary, and may the best team emerge victorious in the Wild Brawl!