Wednesday 13 September 2023

Diablo 4 Patch 1.1.4: Major XP Boosts and Key Updates


Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo 4 is set to receive its latest update, Patch 1.1.4, which brings with it significant changes to the game's XP bonuses. This patch might be the final one before the conclusion of Season 1 and the commencement of the "Season of Blood."

Enhanced XP Bonuses:

The highlight of Patch 1.1.4 is the major buff to the Urn of Aggression, one of the pivotal Season Blessings available as part of the battle pass. While players don't need to own the battle pass to benefit from Season Blessings, these permanent buffs are essential for character enhancement in the Seasonal Realm.

Players earn Smoldering Ashes by progressing through the battle pass, which powers each Blessing. These Ashes can be moved between different Blessings, each offering unique buffs. The Urn of Aggression, known for its XP bonuses, currently has four tiers of buffs that enhance the XP gained from defeating monsters. At present, the cumulative bonus from all tiers is a mere 8%. Given the effort required to unlock all four tiers and the high character level needed to utilize them, this bonus has been deemed insufficient by many players.

However, the upcoming patch promises to change this. The total bonus will be amplified to 20%, marking a significant increase from its original value.

Other Notable Changes:

  • Bug Fixes: Apart from the XP bonus enhancement, the patch will introduce several bug fixes. While most of these are minor, they aim to improve the overall gameplay experience.
  • Screen Reader Update: Players who depend on the screen reader will benefit from a fix that enables it to read enemy names, enhancing accessibility for visually impaired gamers.

Looking Forward:

With the "Season of Blood" set to start on October 17, there's a window for Diablo 4 to receive additional patches. However, Blizzard has not confirmed if more updates will be rolled out in this interim period. Players can, however, anticipate fresh details about the upcoming season in the near future.


Patch 1.1.4 is a testament to Blizzard's commitment to refining and enhancing the Diablo 4 experience. By addressing key player feedback and introducing meaningful changes, the game continues to evolve, promising an enriched experience for its dedicated player base.