Friday 1 December 2023

Diablo 4 Players Call for Changes in Trading Restrictions


As "Diablo 4" Season 2 nears its end, players are voicing their concerns over one of the game's most debated features: trading restrictions. The community is particularly focused on the limitations surrounding the trade of Legendary and Unique items, urging the developers to reconsider these constraints.

The Current State of Trading in Diablo 4

Trading in "Diablo 4" has been a popular aspect of the game, allowing players to exchange items and gold. However, the system currently prohibits the trading of Legendary and Unique items, which has become a point of contention among players.

Community Feedback

  • A Reddit user, 'upstage925', suggested making Legendary and Unique items tradeable for a limited time among party members.
  • Other players echoed this sentiment, finding the inability to trade these items within the party frustrating and calling for a more lenient approach.

The Call for Change

Players are advocating for a trading system similar to "Diablo 3," where items can be traded among party members who were present when the item was obtained, but only for a short period. This proposal aims to maintain the excitement of acquiring rare items while allowing for more flexibility in item distribution among friends.

Proposed Solutions

  • Implementing a time-limited trading window, ranging from 10 to 30 minutes, for Legendary and Unique items among party members.
  • Reducing the overall restrictiveness of the trading system to enhance player freedom and enjoyment.

Player Concerns and Criticisms

The current trading system has been labeled as "restrictive" by a significant portion of the player base. Some players believe that the developers are intentionally slowing down player progress and exerting excessive control over the game experience.

Past Issues with Trading

  • Trading in "Diablo 4" has faced challenges, including temporary halts due to illegal exploits.
  • Despite these issues, players remain dissatisfied with the ongoing restrictions.

Looking Forward

As "Diablo 4" prepares for the launch of its first-ever holiday event, "Midwinter Blight," and the new "Abattoir of Zir" activity, players are hopeful that Blizzard will address their concerns. With Season 3 set to begin on January 23, 2024, the community is eagerly awaiting a major patch that could potentially revise the trading system.

Developer Response

  • Blizzard has yet to officially respond to these specific player requests.
  • The developers are expected to gather feedback and possibly implement changes in a future update.


The debate over trading restrictions in "Diablo 4" highlights the delicate balance developers must strike between maintaining game integrity and catering to player preferences. As the game evolves, the community's feedback will be crucial in shaping a trading system that satisfies both the players' desire for freedom and the game's need for fair play.