Monday 27 November 2023

Diablo 4 Unveils the Abattoir of Zir Event: Release Date, Progression, and Rewards


Blizzard has announced the release of the new patch 1.2.3 for "Diablo 4," introducing the much-anticipated Abattoir of Zir event. This event promises to bring fresh endgame content, including a challenging dungeon filled with demons and bosses, along with exciting rewards for players.

Release Date and Duration

  • Release Date: December 5
  • Duration: 6 weeks, concluding on January 23

The Abattoir of Zir event is temporary, but based on player feedback, it may return in future seasons.

Event Progression and Rewards

How to Participate

  • Players must complete the Season Journey for Season 2, including all 7 stages, quests, and objectives.
  • After completion, players receive the Bloodforged Sigil Tier 1 recipe, which they craft with the Occultist for 60,000 Gold and 800 Sigil Power.

Entering the Dungeon

  • Players use the Bloodforged Sigil to access the dungeon via a portal in the city of Ked Bardu.

Gameplay Mechanics

  • The dungeon consists of 25 Tiers.
  • Defeating enemies fills a progress bar, leading to a boss battle with a time limit.
  • Upon completing a tier, players receive the next tier's Bloodforged Sigil recipe, Tears of Blood, and the NMD Upgrade Totem for glyph upgrades.

Key Rewards

  • Tears of Blood: A Paragon Glyph, vital for endgame builds, upgradeable up to level 200.
  • NMD Upgrade Totem: Provides XP for upgrading glyphs.
  • Additional rewards include gold and equipment.


The Abattoir of Zir event in "Diablo 4" is set to be a thrilling addition for players seeking new challenges and rewards in the game's endgame. With its unique progression system and valuable rewards, this event is poised to be a significant highlight of the season, offering an engaging experience for dedicated players.