Thursday 7 December 2023

Diablo Immortal's 'Splintered Souls' Update: New Zone, Familiars, and More


"Diablo Immortal" is set to receive its next major update, "Splintered Souls," on December 14th. This update promises to enrich the game with a host of new features, including the introduction of Familiars, a new zone, additional challenges, and more.

The Advent of Familiars

  • New Companions: The update introduces mystical companions known as Familiars, available from a new vendor in Westmarch named Nizsa.
  • Combat and Non-Combat Assistance: Familiars will aid players in combat with their active and passive skills and assist outside of combat with unique traits, such as salvaging items while players focus on battling enemies.

The Rite of Cleansing: A New Daily Activity

  • Moonrite Flora Collection: Players can participate in The Rite of Cleansing by culling monsters in Sanctuary to collect Moonrite Flora.
  • Unlocking Events: Accumulating Moonrite Flora allows players to unlock one of three challenging events.

Exploring the Southern Dreadlands

  • New Zone: The Southern Dreadlands, shaped by the destruction of the Worldstone, is the latest zone to be explored.
  • Main Quest and Encounters: Players will venture into the Gray Wards' encampment, facing Shardborne enemies and beasts transformed by Worldstone shards.
  • Dynamic Storms and Mini Bosses: The zone features dynamic storms and an increase in danger with new monsters and mini bosses.

Sentinel’s Stand and New Challenges

  • Tower Defense-Style Event: Sentinel’s Stand, a new zone event, will test players' tactical skills in a tower defense format.
  • New Inferno Difficulties and Helliquary Bosses: The update adds Inferno difficulties IV, V, and VI, along with new Soulhewn Reliquary bosses.
  • Helliquary Surge: After defeating any Helliquary boss, players may encounter a Helliquary Surge, where multiple bosses spawn with reduced strength, offering additional rewards.

Meet the Familiars

  • Diverse Companions: The update will introduce eight familiars, with five revealed in the preview: Ashsweeper, Duskprowler, Myrrjen, Skitterwight, and Varog. Each familiar comes with its own backstory and unique abilities.

Conclusion: Expanding the Diablo Immortal Universe

The "Splintered Souls" update for "Diablo Immortal" is poised to expand the game's universe significantly. With the addition of Familiars, the Southern Dreadlands, new challenges, and events, players can look forward to an enhanced and more immersive gaming experience. This update continues to build on the rich lore and engaging gameplay that "Diablo Immortal" fans have come to love.