Tuesday 12 December 2023

Sanctuary Freezes with Fright for Midwinter Blight in Diablo 4



"Diablo 4" introduces a chilling new event, "Midwinter Blight," bringing a frostbitten challenge to the Fractured Peaks. From December 12 to January 2, players can brave the cold and confront sinister forces in a unique holiday-themed adventure.

The Midwinter Blight Event

Setting and Atmosphere

The event is set in the snow-capped mountaintops of the Fractured Peaks, where a bitter cold and the haunting wail of a mysterious beast create an eerie and foreboding atmosphere. Players are invited to explore this frost-laden hinterland and uncover the source of the terror.

Engaging with the Event

Players can participate in the event by visiting Midwinter Square in Kyovashad and speaking with Gileon, the bard. Gileon, concerned about the spiteful dangers in the snow and the declining morale of Kyovashad’s citizens, seeks to reignite the holiday spirit with a celebration.

Activities and Challenges

Building the Festive Spirit

The Midwinter Square, initially devoid of decorations, requires players to gather resources to bring it to life. Players must venture into the Fractured Peaks to collect Blighted Fragments from Blightfiends, recover Lost Heirlooms from Frigid Husks, and disrupt the Blighted Revelry.

The Blighted Revelry

This local event is a gruesome commemoration by the Blightfiends, who have erected totems to honor their savagery. Players must confront these fiends and potentially face their leader, the Red-Cloaked Horror.

Rewards and Collectibles

Earning Midwinter Proofs

By defeating the snow-born terrors and gathering resources, players can earn Midwinter Proofs at the Collections Table in Midwinter Square.

Variety of Rewards

The Midwinter Proofs can be traded for various rewards, including:

  • Mount Trophy
  • Class-specific Back Trophies
  • Weapon Cosmetics
  • The Shard of Dawn Offensive Legendary Aspect
  • Gileon’s Brew, a potent and delicious concoction


The Midwinter Blight event in "Diablo 4" offers a unique blend of holiday cheer and chilling challenges. As players gather around the Midwinter Square, they can enjoy the festive spirit while battling the horrors of the Fractured Peaks. This event is a perfect opportunity for players to celebrate the holidays in the dark and thrilling world of Sanctuary.

Source: Blizzard News