Friday 10 May 2024

How to Gather Living Steel and Summon Grigoire in Diablo 4


In Diablo 4's Season of Blood, summoning Grigoire presents a challenging and resource-intensive quest. Known as the Galvanic Saint, Grigoire is a target for farming unique items critical for advancing in the game. This guide will walk you through obtaining the necessary Living Steel and the steps to summon this formidable adversary.

Understanding the Importance of Grigoire

Grigoire is not just another boss; he's a crucial part of the Season of Blood's strategy for acquiring high-level gear. Fighting him on the Torment world tier is especially beneficial as he drops Shards of Agony, essential for summoning the endgame boss Duriel.

Where to Find Living Steel

Living Steel is the key ingredient needed to summon Grigoire, and it can be primarily collected during Helltide events. Here’s how to efficiently gather Living Steel:

  • Tortured Gift Chests: Open these chests by using 275 Aberrant Cinders to secure five pieces of Living Steel.
  • Regular Helltide Chests: Any chest opened during these events now yields at least one Living Steel, enhancing your collection efforts.
  • Season Four Enhancements: With the latest update, defeating elite enemies and opening Whisper caches also provide opportunities to gain Living Steel.

Strategies for Collecting Living Steel

To maximize your Living Steel haul, focus on participating in Helltide events:

  1. Collect Aberrant Cinders: Defeat enemies during the event to collect these cinders.
  2. Identify Tortured Gift Locations: Use your map to locate these chests, which are clearly marked during the event.
  3. Plan Your Route: Efficiently move from one chest to another to make the most of your cinders and time.

How to Summon the Grigoire Boss

Once you have accumulated enough Living Steel, you can proceed to summon Grigoire. Follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Hall of the Penitent: Located in the Dry Steppes, this dungeon is easily identifiable on your map.
  2. Prepare for the Encounter: Ensure you have the required amount of Living Steel—two for Nightmare tier or five for Torment tier.
  3. Use the Light-Touched Altar: Inside the Chamber of Penitence, deposit your Living Steel here to summon Grigoire.

Tips for Defeating Grigoire

Grigoire's combat style is reminiscent of a giant Knight Penitent. To succeed in this battle:

  • Understand His Attacks: He uses a mace that emits electric orbs, calls down lightning strikes, and summons lightning totems.
  • Tactical Movement: Avoid electric mazes created by totems and anticipate his summoning of additional soldiers.
  • Prepare for Intensity: Equip gear that mitigates electrical damage and boosts your mobility.

Rewards for Conquering Grigoire

Defeating Grigoire on the Torment tier not only grants you Shards of Agony but also gives you a chance to obtain Ancestral gear, enhancing your overall power and capabilities in Diablo 4.


Summoning and defeating Grigoire in Diablo 4 is a rewarding but challenging task. By effectively collecting Living Steel and strategically planning your battle, you can maximize your rewards and advance further in your quest throughout the Season of Blood.


What is the best tier to fight Grigoire for optimal rewards? Fighting Grigoire on the Torment world tier is highly recommended due to the valuable drops, including Shards of Agony.

How many Living Steel are required to summon Grigoire? You will need two Living Steel for Nightmare tier and five for Torment tier.

Can I obtain Living Steel outside of Helltide events? While the primary method is during Helltide events, elite enemies and Whisper caches in season four also drop Living Steel.

What should I equip for the fight against Grigoire? Equip gear that provides resistance to electrical damage and enhances your mobility to dodge his attacks effectively.

How often can Grigoire be summoned? Grigoire can be summoned as often as you can gather the required Living Steel and access the summoning altar in the Hall of the Penitent.