Friday 10 May 2024

How to Summon and Defeat Lord Zir in Diablo 4's Season of Blood


In Diablo 4's thrilling Season of Blood, Lord Zir emerges not only as a major end-game antagonist but also as a repeatable boss challenge on the Torment world tier. Known for dropping coveted unique items, some of which hail from past seasons, Lord Zir offers players a lucrative farming opportunity. This guide provides a comprehensive look at how to efficiently summon and defeat Lord Zir, including the required materials and strategic tips for conquering this vampire lord.

Understanding Lord Zir's Importance in Diablo 4

Lord Zir stands out as a significant boss in Diablo 4, not just for his role in the narrative but for his utility in the game's farming mechanics. Targeting Lord Zir can yield specific unique items, making him a popular choice for players looking to optimize their builds.

Materials Required to Summon Lord Zir

Summoning Lord Zir requires Exquisite Blood, a key ingredient that players can obtain through several methods:

  • World Bosses: Engaging and defeating world bosses on the Torment world tier.
  • Legion Events: Participating in Legion events also set in the Torment world tier.
  • Elite Enemies and Events (Season Four and Beyond): From the fourth season onwards, elite enemies and event completions have a chance to drop Exquisite Blood.
  • Helltide Reborn Event: The Blood Maiden boss, featured in the new Helltide Reborn event, also drops Exquisite Blood.

Efficient Farming Tips

With the update in season four, world bosses now appear every three hours instead of six, doubling the opportunities to collect Exquisite Blood. Additionally, engaging in Helltides and various events throughout the game can significantly increase your haul of this essential material.

How to Summon the Lord Zir Boss

Once you've collected nine units of Exquisite Blood, make your way to The Darkened Way area within the Fractured Peaks. Here's a step-by-step guide to reaching and preparing for the boss fight:

  1. Locate The Ancient's Seat: This dungeon lair, where Lord Zir resides, is accessible only if you've advanced enough in the seasonal storyline.
  2. Prepare for Battle: Before entering, ensure you're well-equipped to handle Lord Zir's fire damage—stocking up on fire-resistant gear and Rubies can be crucial.

Strategies for Defeating Lord Zir

Facing Lord Zir requires more than just brute strength; strategic planning and understanding his attack patterns are essential. Here are some tips:

  • Fire Damage Mitigation: As Lord Zir deals primarily fire damage, enhancing your fire resistance through gear, potions, and passive skills will give you a significant advantage.
  • Team Composition: If playing in a group, coordinate your team's composition to include a balance of damage absorption, healing, and high-output damage roles.

Rewards and Loot Expectations

Upon defeating Lord Zir, players can expect a range of unique drops, detailed in the Diablo 4 boss loot tables. These items are not only powerful but are essential for crafting top-tier builds.


Summoning and defeating Lord Zir in Diablo 4's Season of Blood offers both a challenging encounter and rewarding gameplay experience. By efficiently collecting Exquisite Blood and employing effective combat strategies, players can maximize their rewards and further enhance their journey in the world of Sanctuary.


What is the best strategy for collecting Exquisite Blood quickly? Participate in world bosses and Helltide events frequently, and focus on killing elite enemies that have a higher chance to drop the material.

Can I fight Lord Zir solo? Yes, Lord Zir can be challenged solo, but ensure you are well-prepared with the appropriate gear and strategies for mitigating his fire damage.

How often can I farm Lord Zir? You can farm Lord Zir as often as you can collect the nine Exquisite Blood required for his summoning.

What are some must-have items to take into the fight against Lord Zir? Fire-resistant gear, Rubies, and high-damage weapons are essential for taking on Lord Zir effectively.

Is there a recommended character build or class for fighting Lord Zir? While any class can defeat Lord Zir, those that can mitigate fire damage or have high burst damage output may find the fight more manageable.