Thursday 20 June 2024

Diablo 4: Fixing the “Dumb” Tormented Echo Grind for a Better Endgame Experience

Diablo 4's Season 4 introduced Tormented Echoes, a feature intended to enhance the endgame experience. However, many players find this grind tedious and unfulfilling. In this article, we'll delve into why players are frustrated with the current system and explore their proposed solutions to make the endgame more enjoyable.

Understanding Tormented Echoes in Diablo 4

What are Tormented Echoes?

Tormented Echoes are extremely buffed versions of Diablo 4’s Uber bosses. They are part of the new content in Season 4, designed to offer a challenging endgame experience. Facing these bosses requires extensive material farming, with Stygian Stones playing a crucial role.

The Challenge of Tormented Echoes

To engage in battles with Tormented Echoes, players must farm materials from other Uber bosses. This process is lengthy and repetitive, making it a “dumb” grind in the eyes of many players. The additional need for Stygian Stones only compounds the difficulty.

Community Feedback and Suggested Fixes

Reddit Discussion Highlights

A significant discussion on the Diablo 4 subreddit, initiated by user ‘MISTERJOHNSONSENIOR’, highlights the community’s dissatisfaction with the current system. The post suggests a major change: allowing players to “empower one Varshan” with all the necessary materials so that he can drop the desired amount of Mucous Slick Eggs at once.

Why This Change is Needed

Currently, players must repeatedly farm various Uber bosses to gather materials. The process is cumbersome and detracts from the fun. Empowering Varshan to drop all needed materials in one go would streamline the experience and reduce unnecessary grind.

Additional Player Suggestions

  • Transmute Mats at the Alchemist: One player suggested adding an option at the alchemist to transmute materials into those required for Duriel or Andariel, which would simplify the material farming process.
  • Respawning Altars: Another suggestion involves having the altar respawn immediately after a boss is killed. This would eliminate the need to leave and re-enter dungeons, saving significant time and effort.

Blizzard’s Response and Future Updates

Listening to Player Feedback

Blizzard has shown a willingness to listen to player feedback and make adjustments. As players continue to voice their concerns, it is likely that developers will consider these suggestions for future updates.

Excitement for Upcoming Changes

With the announcement of upcoming DLC, players are hopeful that these changes will be implemented. The community is eager to see how Blizzard will address the current issues and enhance the endgame experience.


What are Tormented Echoes in Diablo 4? Tormented Echoes are buffed-up versions of Uber bosses introduced in Season 4, designed to provide a challenging endgame experience.

Why do players find the Tormented Echo grind “dumb”? The grind is considered “dumb” due to its repetitive and lengthy nature, requiring constant material farming without significant rewards.

What changes are players suggesting for the Tormented Echo grind? Players suggest empowering one Varshan to drop all necessary materials at once, transmuting mats at the alchemist, and having altars respawn immediately after boss fights.

Has Blizzard responded to the feedback? Blizzard has shown a willingness to listen to player feedback and make changes in future updates.

What can we expect from the upcoming DLC? The upcoming DLC is expected to introduce new content and possibly address current issues with the Tormented Echo grind.

When will these changes be implemented? While exact dates are unclear, Blizzard is expected to discuss these changes in future updates and community chats.


The Tormented Echo grind in Diablo 4's Season 4 has left many players frustrated. However, with constructive feedback and suggestions from the community, there is hope for a more enjoyable and rewarding endgame experience. Blizzard’s responsiveness to player feedback bodes well for future updates, and the upcoming DLC promises exciting changes on the horizon.