Sunday 20 May 2012

Diablo 3 farming spot: Cathedral Gardens [Act 1] - Insane drop rates.

Here is a small trick courtesy of Diablo 3 Hero ( Try it out, they have a 60 day full refund!). 

This spot is in act one, right after the place were  Deckard Cain opens the secret passage out of Leoric's Passage. (Act 1, Part 2 of the Legacy of  quest Cain).

Here is a run down of what you have to do:

  1. As soon as you get out of the passage you are in the Cathedral Gardens, There is a Chest "just" to the northwest of you. (It is NOT always there.)
  2. Regardless of whether the chest was there, grab the waypoint and go to Tristram. 
  4. Log out.
  5. Log in.
  6. You will span in Leoric's passage, Exit through the secret passage, into the garden.
  7. Check for chest. (If it's there LOOT. If not proceed to step 8.)
  8. Use the waypoint to go back to Tristram.
  9. Log out.
  10. Log in.
  11. Rinse/Repeat. 
I always go back to town so that I can make sure the logout is instant.

So far it takes less than 30 seconds to do the whole thing. I have been getting 1 - 3 blues per go + Potions/Gems. I also just got 2 Yellows!

OMG Epic Bonus.
Sometimes there is a chance that the chest spawns to the southeast, around the corner of the building.

I just went back in, and there is a chance that a ELITE (Purple) monster will spawn (Caretaker McCree) .. WOOT! .. (He spawns JUST to the north of the chest. He is NOT there until you get close, and then comes jumping out of the ground.)

Okay, I also just had the caretaker spawn, and the chest was not there. So make sure to look around.

There is also a few stumps, and a corpse to loot as well.

This place just became a sick farming spot.

Here is a full screen: