Wednesday 13 June 2012

How to fix the "Diablo is running" error when multiboxing

The biggest problem people are facing when they try to multibox Diablo 3 right now, is the Diablo is running error. Here is a small but sweet solution to this problem. You can just copy/paste and add -launch to the shortcut.

  1. Open diablo III install location (Windows 7: C:/Program Files/Diablo III)
  2. Right click .agent.db -> Open with...
  3. Select program from list, select Notepad
  4. Locate: "supports_multibox" : false,
  5. Change to: "supports_multibox" : true,
  6. Save file
  7. Go to C:/ProgramData/
  8. Delete the folder titled "Agent"

You should now be able to open up multiple diablo windows without getting the "Diablo is running" error.