Wednesday 4 July 2012

the fastest ways to go from 1-60

This is an ultra short guide. If you want a much more indepth guide, I recoment you check out Diablo 3 Hero, who has the, by far, best in most in depth power leveling guide to the game ( They also have tons of other things to, but let's focus on leveling which this topic here). They have a60 days money back guarantee, so you have nothing to loose trying it out. Anyways Back to the topic.

I know a lot of methods have been getting nerfed over the past few weeks, but now things are settling and I think we can pool together a bunch of methods into one guide. We should combine methods, times when to change acts/difficulties, and times we should upgrade gear.

So far I have been playing on a new character and have gotten to lvl 19 in two hours (easily could have been lvl 20 if I had done things differently). So I'll start us off with the methods that I have done and then edit in other methods I come across...

[Normal] Level 1 - Level 10:
  • Act 1 - Play through the game and get to Leroic's Manor as quick as possible. Kill enemies, but don't explore random caves and areas. Try to stick to main roads. Pick up only gear that will benefit you until level 10.

[Normal] Level 10 - Level 20
  • Act 1 - Leoric's Manor. Kill as many enemies as possible, teleport to town and repeat. Buy XP gear and at lvl 15 buy a helm with a socket and put the best ruby you can afford in. At about lvl 17 each run only nets 1/2 to 2 bars of XP.
[Normal] Level 15 - Level 25
  • Act 2 - Maghda Runs
[Normal] Level 20 - Level 30
  • Act 1 - Zul Kul Runs.
[Nightmare] Level 30 - Level ??
  • Act 1 - Leoric's Manor. Same as before, repeat and kill as many enemies in the manor and remake game.
[Nightmare] Level 30/40 - Level 50
  • Act 3 - Quest 1 & 2. Start from Siege of Bastion and progress as far as possible. If you die restart and make a new game (unless checkpoint is near where you died). Might be slow XP at first and high possiblity of death, but once you get to higher levels it will become easier and you can progress to the end of the second quest. After completing the second quest, remake a new game. This method is very focused on killing mobs rather than repeating quests.
[Hell] Level 50 - Level 60
  • Act 3 - Quest 1 & 2. This will net you a lot of XP, but might be hard at lower levels. Max out in XP gear and try for a high DPS build with AOE. If you die, just teleport back home and create a new game (unless spawn is near where you died).
[Hell] Level 50 - Level 60
  • Act 3 - Leech. Have a level 60 friend kill as many enemies as possible. Start the game late in act 3 and visit many of the hotspot areas with lots of enemies such as Arreat Crater (list of other areas?). Should gain XP fast, level from 50 - 51 in about 4 minutes. 
[Hell] Level 50 - Level 60
  • Act 1 - Leoric's Manor (Hell). Same method as before, kill as many enemies inside the manor, tp out, make new game.
[Hell] Level 50 - Level 60
  • Act 2 - Lieutenant Vachem. Start and repeat quest, rinse and repeat. Each quest turn in nets 50k XP and roughly 20k-30k off enemies.
Items: Items are up for discussion, but it is wise to always have a socketed helm with the highest ruby gem you can afford and to have a strong, yet cheap, weapon to help you advance. XP gear is also a big bonus to leveling quickly. Most people say to upgrade your XP gear once every 10 levels to keep it up to date.

In addition to this, once you hit level 45 you can start looking at the Auction House for reduced requirement weapons. Although rare, some level 16 weapons can have up to 16 reduced level requirement (but in most cases they have low DPS and are expensive). Best thing to do is put in max buyout on how much you are willing to spend and start at the highest level and keep going down until you see a decent weapon at a decent price. In my experiences, you can't do wrong with a 300 DPS weapon until Infero, so if you can get your hands on that then you are in the good for some serious mob killing.